These days one of the biggest size wars in automotive is related to screens. In our digital-centric world the size of one’s infotainment display is an increasingly important metric. Mercedes clearly recognizes the trend, debuting their new 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen.

The Hyperscreen is serving as Mercedes’ latest iteration of its MBUX infotainment system. This iteration centers on this massive new display, which will span the entire dash panel of the 2022 EQS sedan. With one continuous piece of curved glass housing three different displays. The largest display is a touchscreen in the center stack, while smaller screens reside in front of the driver and front passenger.

Powering the Hyperscreen is a host of new artificial intelligence to make life easier for drivers of this new flagship EV. For example, the screen in front of the front passenger only displays content when the car detect someone sitting in the front seat. When the seat is empty, the screen just shows a shooting star like animation. Furthermore, if the driver looks over to the passenger the screen will cease displaying content to avoid driver distraction.

MBUX’s A.I. is also going to get smarter with recommendations. If a driver makes the same phone call from the car at the same time of day, the EQS will start making the recommendation to the driver at the designated time. The A.I. will also recommend vehicle settings based on repetitive behaviors.

All recommendations and settings for the system are tied to a specific driver. The system will be able to recognize each driver and adjust accordingly.

Going back to the massive Hyperscreen, Mercedes says it is fabricated at temperatures exceeding 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. The extreme heat not only ensures optimal clarity, but also makes the glass display incredibly durable. Thanks to specific anchors and predetermined breaking points, Mercedes says this sea of glass is not a concern during an accident.

Defining EQ Sub-Brand

Part of the story with the Hyperscreen is the fact it isn’t debuting in the new S Class. For decades the S Class has served as Mercedes’ gateway to bring new technology to market. The fact they have opted to use the battery-electric EQS as a conduit to bringing Hyperscreen is telling. It tells us Mercedes will define the EQ sub-brand by more than just electrification.

Much like the Maybach and AMG sub-brands are defined by a menu of design elements and content, it appears EQ is going to be defined by technology. It’s an interesting strategy and could give Mercedes a slight upper hand in the EV market against startup competitors. Startup competitors who are tech companies at their core.

While the 2022 EQS is the launch vehicle for Hyperscreen, Mercedes says it will also be found in an upcoming electric SUV.