Mercedes-Benz has made a lot of electrification headlines in the last week. One such headline is the fact that the company is already ending development of plug-in hybrid models to make way for fully-electric vehicles.

There’s a bit of irony in this headline. Mercedes disclosed it is ending PHEV development at last week’s IAA Mobility in Munich, according to German newspaper Handelsblatt. The irony is in the sense that this very motor show is also where the new AMG GT 63 S E Performance model was revealed with a PHEV powertrain. So apparently the hybridized V-8 found in the GT 63 S E Performance will be one of few PHEV’s with the three-pointed star.

Mercedes executives are not saying they won’t launch more PHEV vehicles. In fact, the investment into the powertrain found in their latest AMG model is quite likely to end up in other AMG products. The investment into the powertrain has been made, so why not continue to use it? There just won’t be any new PHEV powertrains.

Instead, Mercedes is going to channel its investments into advancing its electrification strategy. The company plans to offer a fully-electric lineup in several key markets, including the United States, by 2030. Attaching an electric motor to a convention engine isn’t going to get Mercedes closer to that goal.

This strategic focus was crystal clear at Munich last week. Mercedes revealed a host of new battery-electric models, including the new EQE sedan, an AMG version of the EQS and a concept variant of the upcoming electrified G Class.