Today Mercedes-Benz is taking the wraps off its Vision EQXX Concept. This new concept vehicle is demonstrating Mercedes’ vision for future battery-electric cars, which includes more range than today’s offerings. The Vision EQXX will actually achieve over 600 miles of range per charge, but it isn’t because of a bigger battery.

The Vision EQXX is based on an entirely new architecture. The architecture is actually similar to a Formula F1 car with a very light sub-frame. This structure makes the EQXX lightweight for a car of this size and, combined with a .18 coefficient of drag, definitely gives the EQXX an edge in efficiency. These measures–and others–enable the EQXX to be powered by a battery pack that is actually smaller than that of the Mercedes EQS production car. Mercedes is not disclosing the exact size of the battery, but it is under 100-kWh.

This smaller battery is paired with a new solar system on the roof of the EQXX. The solar system is good for adding an average of 15.5 miles of range per day according to Mercedes. Such statistics would make the EQXX’s solar panels far more useful than any others on the market today.

Given efficiency is the focus of this Mercedes, the power isn’t quite that impressive. It is powered by a single electric motor that generates 201 horsepower. Mercedes isn’t disclosing too many details about the powertrain, but we’d wager its zero to 60 mph time is north of 6 seconds.

Another piece of innovation packed in the EQXX is a new 900 volt electrical architecture. Mercedes says it has proven to be valuable for research purposes, though they are unclear if it will make it to production.

Inside the EQXX you’ll find an evolution of Mercedes interior design. The capstone of the interior is a new, massive glass display that runs the length of the dash. While the overall appearance feels very concept car-like, there are noticeable production bits in this interior that give it a dose of reality. For example, the steering wheel and center console both appear to be production pieces that were dressed up for concept car duty.

Mercedes says there’s also a new artificial intelligence system within the EQXX that will meet the needs of its driver. Mercedes calls it the latest in digital luxury.

Work on the Vision EQXX Concept started just 18 months ago, making it one of the quickest development timelines Mercedes has seen. A production version of the car is expected with the exterior design largely intact, though the timing of the production car isn’t entirely clear yet. Assuming it is relatively soon, Mercedes could claw its way to the top of the EV game with a car that has 600+ miles of range; a number no EV has achieved yet.