After teasing it ahead of this week’s CES Show, Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed the Vision AVTR Concept, an outlandish concept vehicle that is inspired by creatures from the film series ‘Avatar.’ Mercedes says the Vision AVTR is designed to become one with its driver through some unique features.

Fundamental to the Vision AVTR is a very organic design theme. There’s no straight lines on this Mercedes vehicle. The curvy design is intended to be life-like, down to its circular wheels and “bionic flaps” designed to look like hair. Really only the front clip shares much of anything with other recent Mercedes concepts.

The cockpit is housed within a bubble, at least from a design perspective. Inside the bubble is a very simplistic design theme; there’s no screens or steering wheel. Instead, Mercedes says the Vision AVTR can project just about anything on the dash, including things humans can’t see. Drivers also control the car via a control knob in the center console, but it isn’t needed as the car is fully autonomous.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this concept is its power-plant. Mercedes says the Vision AVTR is powered by a 110-kWh battery pack, but not your standard lithium-ion pack. Instead, this battery is made of organic compounds with graphene, meaning the entire battery is actually compostable. If that isn’t cool enough, Mercedes says it can charge in 15 minutes and will propel the car for about 435 miles.

The car features four-wheel steering as well, including a drift mode that allows all four wheels to work in parallel.

It probably goes without saying that–while the Vision AVTR is interesting–there’s slim to no odds of it hitting production. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Mercedes can materialize this organic compound in its battery though.