Mercedes-Benz has made no secret of its plans to reduce its product lineup as it invests heavily into electrification, but at least one anomaly in the luxury brand’s lineup has been confirmed to hang around longer than expected: the V-12 engine.

Daimler AG chief Ola Källenius recently confirmed the next iteration of the S Class sedan–due out in 2020–will in fact continue to offer V-12 power. Källenius made this confirmation while speaking to GT Spirit.

What wasn’t offered was technical details surrounding the new V-12. Given the engine has to be on its last legs, we would expect Mercedes to update the current 6.0-liter V-12 engine for the new S Class since that is the lowest-lift possible to keeping a V-12 alive. The engine currently generates 621 horsepower and 731 pound-feet of torque; both numbers could rise on the new one.

We also do not know which iterations of the S Class will offer a revised V-12 engine. Currently only Maybach buyers can opt for V-12 power, but it is unclear if Mercedes will add the V-12 to lesser S Classes or not.

Mercedes-AMG has already confirmed the in-house tuner shop will no longer use V-12 engines going forward as it pivots to electrification.