Mercedes-Benz is aggressively expanding its EV portfolio. The EQS flagship EV sedan hasn’t even hit dealerships yet, but Mercedes is already revealing its next one: the EQE.

The EQE is bowing with an overall footprint that’s similar to the current E-Class sedan. This means it has a 3.5-inch reduction in wheelbase versus the EQS. Despite the smaller body, it still looks very similar to the EQS from a design perspective. The same cab-forward body and very slippery design–to optimize aerodynamics–is found on the EQE. There are some differences between the two sedans, with the EQE having a slightly more sporty appearance versus the larger EQS.

Similarities between the sedans continue inside as well. The EQE interior is nearly identical to the EQS, just scaled down to accommodate the size difference. It’s a formula we’re familiar with from Mercedes, trickling down design and features from the top of the range on down. For example, the EQE comes with the same Hyperscreen digital dashboard that is found in the EQS. Likewise, features like a Hepa filter and over-the-air updates are also borrowed from the EQS.

Now let’s get to the powertrain. Given the smaller structure of the EQE, it should be no surprise that it has a smaller battery versus the EQS. It is actually powered by a 90-kWh battery pack, which should be good for about 400 miles of total range on the EPA’s cycle. The battery will be capable of charging up to 170 kW via DC fast charging. The base EQE 350 model will feature around 300 horsepower, but Mercedes hasn’t gone into detail on power just yet. Expect performance variants to up the ante in terms of power.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz EQE is expected to go into production in Germany very soon.