Mercedes-Benz has been dabbling in Car-to-X communication since about 2016. The technology has not become very prolific just yet, but that isn’t stopping the German automaker from adding new functionality to the service. An update will now allow the service to warn Benz drivers of upcoming potholes and speed bumps.

One new distinction with the service is found on the latest C Class, S Class and EQS. These three models can actually detect potholes and speed bumps on their own. An algorithm monitors suspension motion and assumes it knows when the car has hit a pothole or speed bump. The car then notifies Mercedes’ Car-to-X system, registering the event. Then, all other Mercedes owners will get a notice of said road surface issue about 10 second prior to driving over it.

While only the latest Mercedes products have the auto-detection ability, any Mercedes product with its Car-to-X technology will be a recipient of the notification. Products built since 2016 will get a notice that says, “Traffic event ahead,” with a specific icon appearing on the navigation map. This is the same notification process Mercedes vehicles have for other events as well.

Mercedes is also rolling out a new Car-to-X feature called Crosswind Assist. When the vehicle detects a significant crosswind, it can apply braking and steering intervention to make driving in wind easier. The car will also send a notice to Mercedes so that other drivers can be notified of the crosswind before they encounter it.

Owners of applicable 2016 and newer Mercedes products will receive the new notifications. Owners must be logged into Mercedes me and have Car-to-X enabled.