The Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door is already really fast, but it will supposedly get even faster thanks to a plug-in hybrid option that’s coming down the pike.

In speaking with Motor Trend at last week’s Los Angeles Auto Show, AMG’s global head of product management and sales, Michael Knöller confirmed the upcoming plug-in GT. Knöller stated AMG wants to demonstrate a wide range of variants within the GT family, which will be done with a plug-in hybrid V-8 version of the GT Four-Door.

Knöller declined to offer specifics regarding the plug-in hybrid, but looking back over time AMG showed a concept version of a hybrid GT Four-Door back in 2017. While the concept did not plug-in, this V-8 hybrid generated 805 horsepower, according to AMG. Assuming the production car comes close to the concept’s performance, the plug-in hybrid GT will likely be faster than the GT 63S.

The exact timing of a plug-in GT has not been disclosed, but it is expected to go into production before the end of 2020, meaning a reveal should not be far off.