Mercedes-AMG has been socializing the notion of electrification for a long time. Finally Mercedes’ performance division is detailing its electrification plans by revealing a new high-performance hybrid. Known as the AMG E Performance, this new powertrain will enable some very powerful AMG’s in the near future.

While AMG E Performance represents a significant strategy shift for the AMG house, it is still fairly convention. At its core is a turbocharged gas engine, which could be either a twin-turbo V-8 or an inline-four. The gas engine is supplemented by a belt-alternator starter system, something Mercedes has been putting on several engines in recent memory.

Where things start to deviate from what Mercedes has already done is in the form of the turbocharger. AMG E Performance includes an electrified turbocharger. While the booster itself is exhaust gas spun just like all turbos, Mercedes is supplementing it with electric power. That electric power will allow the turbo to spool up instantly and optimize it throughout the engine’s rev range.

The electric power to the turbo will be supplied from a new 6.1-kWh battery pack found at the rear of the vehicle. This battery pack will also supply power two a new two-speed electric motor that directly drives the rear axle. While the electric motor is driving the rear axle, it can still supply torque to the front axle as well. Subsequently, the gas engine can also supply torque to the rear axle. AMG says the entire powertrain is designed with plug-in in mind as well.

Aside from the electrfication bits, the rest of this powertrain is fairly convention. There’s still a familiar nine-speed automatic transmission and AMG’s 4Matic all-wheel drive system.

So far Mercedes-AMG isn’t providing any specific specifications or applications for the new powertrain. The rumored AMG GT 73e is a likely candidate, packing over 800 horsepower. Another rumored candidate is the upcoming AMG C63 replacement, which is confirmed to get a turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid.