Launching a new S Class and trickling the new bits to the rest of the lineup is a Mercedes-Benz tradition. Like clockwork, it’s a tradition they are sticking with when it comes to the redesigned 2022 C Class. However, there is one big change in store for the C Class when it comes to what’s under the hood.

On the predictable side, the new C Class appears to leverage most of its styling from the new S Class. Again, this is part of the natural process at Mercedes. This means the new C Class features cleaned up sheetmetal and slightly revised fascias. Mercedes rarely moves the needle far from evolutionary when it comes to redesigns and this one is no exception.

In an interview with Car And Driver C Class head engineer Christian Früh says the wheelbase on the C Class is actually slightly larger than the current car. It’s a subtle change that does pop in photos of the car (at the link) which provide it a more substantive, luxury stance. It likely goes without saying that the C Class will retain its rear-wheel-drive layout.

Where this new C Class starts to see some massive changes is in its engine lineup. The 2022 C Class will be offered exclusively with four-cylinder engines, some of which will be part of hybrid powertrains. To be clear, this four-cylinder only rule applies to the Mercedes-AMG variants of the new C Class as well. The days of the brawny V-8 powered C63 are now over.

The U.S. is expected to receive a C300 model with an updated four-cylinder engine that generates around 250 horsepower. It’s likely to be an updated version of the current C300’s turbocharged 2.0-liter, only all variants of the 2022 C300 will feature a 48-volt mild hybrid treatment. European customers will still have diesel options to select from, while plug-in hybrid variants of diesel and gas engines are also expected in due time.

Four Banger AMG’s

As mentioned, the Mercedes-Benz variants won’t be the only ones with four-cylinder power. Früh also confirms all AMG variants, including the C63 successor, will also have four-cylinder power. Some form of electrification will be standard far on all AMG variants. The C63 is expected to have over 500 horsepower from its four-cylinder setup.

Mercedes intends to deploy an electric turbocharger sometime in 2021. It is possible the C63 will be among the first to leverage the new technology.

Today’s nine-speed automatic transmission will be the go-to option for all U.S. versions of the new C Class.

Modern Cockpit

A new interior will be a hallmark of the redesigned C Class. Früh confirmed the interior will borrow many of the ultra-modern components founds in the new S Class. These modern components include the massive new vertical touchscreen display housing MBUX infotainment system. A secondary gauge cluster will also be in tow.

Effectively Mercedes is repeating the contrast found on the new S Class. A fairly traditional, very Mercedes exterior that serves as a backdrop to an ultra-modern interior. Again, no surprises here.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz C Class is slated to hit the U.S. market by the end of 2021. Of course, that’s assuming a global pandemic and semiconductor shortage doesn’t delay it.