Mercedes-Benz has confirmed plans to reveal the all-new 2022 C Class later this week. The virtual debut will take place on February 23, at 8:00 a.m. ET. Naturally, Mercedes has dropped a teaser shot of the 2022 C Class to appease us all until the 23rd.

Today’s teaser shot doesn’t really tell us anything new. In fact, it just confirms what we already knew. The 2022 C Class will borrow most of its styling from the 2021 S Class, including an interior that features a very modern layout. That modern layout will include a massive tablet-like touchscreen display.

The real newsmaker with the new C Class will be its powertrain lineup. This will be the first C Class since the original W201 to feature four-cylinder engines exclusively. The 2022 C300 is expected to be powered by a 250 horsepower four-cylinder, while a plug-in hybrid variant will eventually materialize. Even the hot Mercedes-AMG C63 will be powered by a hybridized four-cylinder engine, with an expected 500+ horsepower.

Given today’s teaser shows the silhouette of both a sedan and higher roof variant, it’s safe to assume we’ll see the new C Class sedan and wagon on the 23rd. The C Class coupe will solider on its existing architecture with the E Class coupe.