The Mercedes-Benz GLA Class is the only front-wheel-drive Mercedes product that hasn’t been recently redesigned, but that is about to change. Mercedes will debut an all-new GLA Class on December 11th and has thrown out the above teaser to build interest.

This teaser doesn’t show us a lot about the new GLA, but it does confirm it will retain its hatchback-like design theme. However, designers have stretched the height of the new GLA by several inches, enabling a higher seating position that will feel more like a crossover than the current GLA.

Of course, GLA is retaining its crossover-like appearance to offer contrast over the GLB Class, which is boxier and more SUV-like. Despite the difference in appearance, both GLA and GLB are based on Mercedes MFA2 architecture, which also underpins the A Class and CLA Class.

Like the other MFA2 vehicles, expect the GLA’s power to come exclusively from turbocharged four-cylinders, including Mercedes’ 2.0-liter. Expect that power to flow through a dual-clutch transmission to either the front or both axles.

Given the high degree of parts sharing between the MFA2 cars, one can also expect the GLA interior to look very similar to the GLB and A Class, which means there will be two large displays and round HVAC vents.

Expect all the details on the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA Class to be revealed on December 11th.