It’s nearing time for the Mercedes-Benz E Class to receive a mid-cycle enhancement. For 2021, the E Class will bow with an updated appearance and significant updates in technology, which Mercedes is showing off a little early.

Through these photos Mercedes has given us an early look at the new E Class, which is slated to go on sale in Europe this summer in sedan and wagon forms. The new appearance brings the E Class in line with other recent Mercedes designs, specifically the CLS Class which shares its platform. A new grille and set of headlights will bring the E Class into the latest variation of Mercedes design.

As typical of mid-cycle enhancements, it does not appear Mercedes is modifying any of the sheet metal on the E Class; just the soft points.

In addition to the new look, Mercedes has already confirmed the new E Class will be upgraded with Mercedes MBUX infotainment system. This means E Class buyers will have features like natural voice recognition and gesture control.

MBUX isn’t the only technology upgrade. Mercedes’ latest electronic driver aids will also be in tow with this E Class. The car’s adaptive cruise control system has been upgraded to integrate with traffic recognition; meaning the car can detect upcoming traffic jams before the driver even notices and slow down accordingly.

The new E Class will also add brake assist to its cross-traffic alert system. This basically means the car will automatically brake if it detects a vehicle coming from the left or right when the car is in reverse.

A few powertrain enhancements are also expected for 2021. The headliner here is the addition of a new plug-in hybrid version of the E Class. Mercedes isn’t providing details on the hybrid just yet, but we expect it to feature the company’s inline-six engine.

Expect a host of other upgraded details on the 2021 E Class, which will be announced during the car’s formal reveal. Thus far Mercedes has not confirmed the timeline for the refreshed E Class to hit the U.S. market, but our guess is this fall.