Mazda may be lacking electrification in its U.S. lineup today, but that is about to change. The automaker has confirmed plans to bring its MX-30 electric crossover stateside. Better yet, an iteration with a new rotary engine is also coming.

The MX-30 was originally revealed for the European and Japanese markets. At the time it was praised for its design and eSkyActiv powertrain. That said, Mazda was mum on the prospects of the MX-30 coming to the U.S. market. Such silence has transitioned to confirmation by way of Mazda’s North America president Jeff Guyton. Guyton spoke made the confirmation in a recent interview with The Detroit Bureau.

“We have launched the MX-30 in Europe, which is our first battery-electric vehicle. And we will be making that product available in the future with a rotary range extender. Any chance of it coming to the U.S.? Yes, it will, though we haven’t talked about the date publicly yet,” stated Guyton.

When pressed, Guyton went on to confirm the rotary engine variant. In fact, Guyton called it “more appropriate” for the U.S. market. Despite the confirmation, a timeline has not been provided.

The rotary engine’s return has long been confirmed for the MX-30. Given the rather modest electric range of the MX-30, creating an extended-range EV (E-REV) out of it makes a lot of sense. Thanks to a 35.5-kWh battery pack, the MX-30 offers 124 miles of range using the WLTP cycle. Mazda will leverage the rotary engine to generate power to charge the battery pack, similar to the powertrain on the Chevrolet Volt.

Which other Mazda products the revived rotary engine ends up in is the remaining question. Guyton states the company will be launching mostly electrified vehicles by 2025, so this isn’t the end of the rotary engine (again).