Tired of crossovers? Well you might be in the wrong place. Sick of crossover coupes? Look elsewhere!

Mazda is trying to take advantage of the crossover coupe craze that BMW created with the X6, but for the masses. Enter the CX-4.

The CX-4 is essentially a CX-5, with a lower roof line. In fact, it rides on the same platform dimensions.

With a sleek profile and Mazda’ s new design language, the CX-4 is pretty attractive in its own right. However, practicality is going to be sacrificed for that sleeker profile. We are guessing most will not care.

The new crossover coupe is, as of now, a Chinese exclusive model. China is the world’s largest market for crossovers. However, with it being based on the CX-5, it should not be hard for Mazda to offer it elsewhere. In fact, we would be surprised if it did not end up in North America and/or Europe.

The CX-4 will debut at the Beijing Auto Show tomorrow. Sales should start later this year.