Mazda has confirmed plans to reveal an electric vehicle at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. This EV will be an all new model, not just an electrified variant of an existing Mazda badge.

News of the reveal was confirmed by Mazda spokesman Yoshikazu Nagai in a recent interview with Automotive News. Despite the confirmation itself, Nagai offered little in the way of details. Mazda has test mules of the electrified powertrain running around inside the body of the CX-30, but the exact form of the car to be revealed is unknown.

Mazda is working with Toyota regarding electrified powertrains, but this particular vehicle is expected to be all Mazda. It’s expected to be built atop a modified variant of Mazda’s SkyActive architecture, which debuted on the Mazda3.

Two different electrified powertrains are expected on this new vehicle. There will be a pure battery-electric variant and an extended range version. The extended range version will likely feature a small rotary engine to act as a power generator to keep the battery charged, but the electric motor will be the primary source of motivation.

Mazda first showed an electrified vehicle with a rotary engine back in 2013 with the Mazda2 RE Range Extender Concept (shown above), so Mazda has had several years to refine this powertrain.

While Mazda will reveal this new product in Tokyo, sales are not expected to start until sometime in 2020 and it may not be in all markets.