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Mazda Confirms HCCI Engine For 2019

Mazda Confirms HCCI Engine For 2019

Not a day after rumors surrounding the subject, Mazda has confirmed plans to roll out a new engine in 2019. The new engine will be among the first to feature HCCI, or Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition.

Mazda has already offered a name for its new HCCI engine: Skyactiv-X. The company is not yet disclosing which engine or displacement will gain the Skyactiv-X technology. So far all Mazda is saying is that fuel efficiency will be up 20-30 percent over today’s Skyactiv-G engine and will even surpass the fuel economy of the Skyactiv-D diesel engine.

Mazda’s claims are actually not surprising. HCCI combines the best of both gasoline and diesel engines by causing combustion solely from the air/fuel mixture in the chamber. The combustion subsequently occurs at lower temperature, reducing the heat energy that is currently wasted in gasoline engines.

So far Mazda has not confirmed which model will launch the Skyactiv-X engine, but rumors have strongly suggested it will be the redesigned Mazda3.

In addition to confirming the Skyactiv-X engine, the company laid out its vision plan entitled “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030.” The plan calls for Mazda to begin rolling out electrified models in 2019, but only in global markets that have carbon caps in place to justify the move to electric.

Mazda is also planning to begin testing autonomous driving technologies in 2020, with the intention of making them standard on all models by 2025.


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