Jaguar Land Rover just announced a major reworking of their corporate strategy. A new report suggests a Land Rover Defender pickup could be part of that new strategy.

Land Rover has stated from the inception of the new Defender that it would eventually be a family of vehicles. Similar to how the Range Rover is a lineup of products, their desire is to get Defender to that point. AutoCar reports Jaguar Land Rover’s executive director of vehicle programs Nick Collins has hinted a pickup is almost a given.

“We always said the Defender would be a family,” Collins said, and that while talking about future plans should be “saved for another day”, we should “watch this space” with regards to a pickup.

Collins also confirmed there are no technical limitations that would prevent the company from creating a pickup from the Defender. A pickup version would likely be based on the longer wheelbase version of the Defender.

A Defender pickup would likely be a popular offering in the U.S., where pickup sales are skyrocketing. Europe is seeing an uptick in pickup truck demand as well, though it still significantly wanes U.S. demand.

In addition to the possible pickup, a plug-in hybrid Defender is coming at some point. Additionally, a longer wheelbase iteration of the Defender is also expected with a larger rear cargo area.