The days of the rear-wheel-drive Kia sports sedan may be numbered. A new report suggests Kia will be axing the sports sedan next year, which would be sooner than originally planned.

Korean Car Blog reports Kia’s production plan is indicating Stinger production will end in Q2 2022. Production takes place at the company’s Sohari Plant in Gwangmyeong, South Korea. In fact, that is the only plant in Kia’s production system that builds the stinger for all global markets. The report says Stinger production is ending early so the automaker can retool the Sohari Plant to build electric vehicles. Specifically, one of the electrified vehicles to be built there will be a hybrid variant of the Carnival minivan.

The report is citing a number of unnamed local sources in the report. It is possible Kia will relocate Stinger production to another facility, but the report suggests that’s not what is happening here.

Interestingly, Kia just refreshed the 2022 Stinger globally. While the changes were not massive, it still constitutes a very recent investment into a product that is going to get axed in less than a year.

That said, Stinger sales have been underwhelming. Despite the car’s fun-to-drive attitude and attractive looks, it can’t escape the mass migration away from traditional sedans. In the U.S. Kia sells about 1,000 Stingers a month, while sales in other global markets are even lower.

It’s important to note that Kia has not confirmed this report at this time.