Kia has confirmed it is removing the Sedona nameplate from its lineup. Instead the company will leverage the Kia Carnival badge in the U.S., aligning its minivan with global markets. The announcement teased the Carnival bound for the U.S. market. Kia will reveal the 2022 Carnival on Feb. 23rd.

Based on the teaser, the U.S. Carnival is going to look nearly identical to the global 2021 model. The 2021 Carnival being sold in other markets was actually revealed last summer. At the time Kia dubbed the new Carnival a “Grand Utility Vehicle.” Pointing to its SUV-like appearance and ability to offer a fourth row of seats for up to 11 passengers. Until now Kia has not disclosed whether the new Carnival would arrive stateside.

The fact Kia is bringing the Carnival stateside comes as little surprise. Carnival and Sedona have effectively been the same vehicle since the Sedona launched in 2002. Kia likely feels the new Carnival is a significant enough change to merit the name change in the U.S. It also cleans up the company’s global product naming scheme, something we’ve seen recently from Kia.

Expect to see some subtle changes to the Carnival bound for the U.S. market. For example, Kia’s announcement explicitly refers to the Carnival as a three-row vehicle with seating for seven or eight passengers. This alone implies the odd fourth row seat may not translate to the U.S. Kia has also confirmed the 2022 Carnival will be the first U.S. model to wear Kia’s new badge.

The 2022 Carnival is expected to be powered by a 290 horsepower V-6 engine. One can safely assume a whole host of driver assist and technology features will be in tow for Kia’s new family mover as well. Expect all of the details on Feb. 23rd.

2021 Kia Carnival (Global Model) Gallery