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Updated 2018 Jaguar F-Type Revealed

Updated 2018 Jaguar F-Type Revealed

Jaguar has revealed a slightly modified 2018 F-Type. Though the brand surely isn’t messing with success, there are a few noteworthy changes to this new Jag, including a new 400 horsepower variant.

On the outside the F-Type’s stunning sheetmetal is largely unchanged. Jaguar has only swapped out the headlights for LEDs and subsequently revised the front bumpers for each individual trim level on the F-Type. The modest changes yield a car you almost have to squint to tell it’s changed, but that’s okay in this instance.

Inside Jaguar has installed their latest Touch Pro infotainment system. The upgrade includes a new standard high resolution display and faster software response times. The technology upgrade includes use of the ReRun app, which uses a GoPro camera mounted in the car and overlays vehicle data to record drives. New bright-work, slimline seats and new colors round out the changes to the interior.

Undoubtedly the biggest news here is that Jaguar is celebrating the new F-Type with a new 400 horsepower Sport edition. The catch? The Sport edition is only going be offered for one model year. Those lucky enough to snag one will find a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 under the hood with Super Performance brakes, reconfigurable dynamics system, and dark satin 20-inch wheels.

Jaguar has also added the R-Dynamic variant to the F-Type, which is available with both versions of the supercharged V-6. Jaguar also took the opportunity and added a suite of driver-assist systems, including a semi-automated park-assist function.

The rest of the F-Type range remains the same, with rear or all-wheel-drive offered on all models and engines.

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