Jaguar Land Rover announced sweeping changes to their product plans last week. Dubbed “Reimagine,” the plans include a hard pivot to electrification for both brands and a strategy shift for Jaguar. Unsurprising, news is surfacing now that several planned products have likely been axed as part of the shuffle.

JLR was transparent in their Reimagine plans that the upcoming battery-electric XJ sedan is already scrapped. However, a new report from Automotive News Europe points out that a few other products are likely casualties of the corporate strategy shift. These casualties include anything planned on the MLA-mid platform.

MLA-mid was slated to underpin a few new products, including the discussed Jaguar J-Pace. The J-Pace was intended to be a large SUV offering to bookend Jaguar’s expanding SUV portfolio. Given the Reimagine plan calls for Jaguar to stop cannibalizing Land Rover with more SUV’s, this cancellation seems all but a given.

However, the J-Pace isn’t the only new product that was slated for MLA-mid. Land Rover’s first battery-electric model was also slated to arrive on this architecture. Although never confirmed by JLR, the Land Rover model was expected to be an electric Range Rover.

Despite axing Land Rover’s first EV model, the brand is still on a trajectory towards electrification. JLR says the first battery-electric Land Rover is now slated to arrive in 2024. By 2026 the brand will have six EV’s in the showroom. As for the J-Pace, there’s likely no chance it ever arrives in any future iteration.