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Next Jaguar XJ will Become Electric Flagship

Next Jaguar XJ will Become Electric Flagship

Jaguar is planning to reinvent its flagship sedan as an electric vehicle. The move is anticipated to position the new XJ as a formidable competitor to stiff competition from the Germans, while also positioning Jaguar as a maker of electric automobiles.

Reports suggest there’s been a heated debate inside the Jaguar organization over what to do with the XJ. As sedan sales fall globally in favor of SUVs, the company has decided to retain the XJ, but with a twist. The car will allegedly migrate to a new five-door, hatchback-like design and become electrified.

Underneath the sleek new design will be a battery-electric powertrain similar to that of the upcoming I-Pace SUV. This means the XJ will be a pure electric vehicle, which will be a seismic shift compared to competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz S Class and BMW 7 Series. The new XJ is expected to offer a total range in excess of 300 miles, slotting it as a worthy competitor to the Tesla Model S.

Like the I-Pace, the electrical powertrain will be capable of offering dual-motors, which will enable all-wheel drive. Sources say Jaguar is going to great lengths to ensure the new XJ retains its sporty demeanor.

While a radical move, Jaguar’s leap of faith with electrifying the new XJ is not entirely shocking. The automaker has consistently utilized the XJ as a source of innovation, including the first aluminum Jaguar model back in 2003.

The next Jaguar XJ is expected to launch in late 2019.


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  1. germeezy1
    I just can not for the life of me understand shifting a car from a crowded market into another crowded class. The Tesla Model S, and Porsche Mission E will already be deeply entrenched in this segment prior to the debut of the XJ. Not to mention it will be easily shaded by the absolutely monumental Lucid Air.
    RIP....always loved the XJ. An icon in the luxury sedan market. Wish they would have botched the XF.
    I can see the logic -- the XJ is an also-ran in the large lux market, so it needs to be a brand leader if it isn't going to provide a lot of high-margin volume (like, say the S-Class does for Mercedes). But, the template they are contemplating sounds a lot like a copy of the Tesla Model S. So, my question to Jaguar is: what can you bring to the table that Tesla hasn't already?
    That's a pretty hard transition thought they would have done a soft transition meaning still offering a gas engine but they are whole-hog on electric it seems like.
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