Jaguar Land Rover’s new CEO Thierry Bolloré is announcing a bold new business strategy for the luxury automaker. Dubbed the ‘Reimagine’ plan, Bolloré is overhauling the underlying strategy of both brands. This bold plan includes Jaguar becoming an electric-only brand by 2025.

Aiming to turnaround the financial fortunes of JLR, Bolloré aims to turn Jaguar into an electric-only brand. This move will include pushing the brand upmarket, while Land Rover will transition to electrification at a slightly slower pace. JLR says an electric variant of every Jaguar and Land Rover will be on sale by 2030.

JLR’s climate-friendly moves don’t stop with its own lineup. The company is also announcing plans to become completely carbon neutral by 2039. Despite all of these significant changes in strategy, JLR says it aims to retain its current manufacturing footprint.

Jaguar: Premium EV Brand

Faced with declining sales, Jaguar is certainly due for a new strategy. Bolloré is staging a significant overhaul for Jaguar, one he is describing as dramatic.

Bolloré says this “dramatic” transformation “to take a new luxurious position in the market to realize its unique potential not just for customers but the business as a whole.”

This dramatic transformation will take hold by Jaguar reducing its overlap with Land Rover. Bolloré acknowledges there’s cross-shopping between Jaguar SUVs and Land Rover, which is part of today’s problem. Expect to see fewer SUV’s in the Jaguar showrooms. Subsequently, Jaguar will likely move up-market, perhaps to point of competing with Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Jaguar has only one electric vehicle today, the I-Pace. The company has already teased an electric replacement for the XJ sedan, but Bolloré is announcing today that the company is scrapping that model. Clearly the planned XJ replacement did not perpetuate the new vision. It was also going to be built atop an existing architecture, which is also getting scrapped as part of the Reimagine plan. Bolloré did suggest that the XJ name could be retained for a future new model, though.

Most new Jaguar models will ride on a new, unique architecture. JLR has not disclosed details of this new architecture yet, simply citing that Land Rover will not utilize it.

JLR says 100-percent of Jaguar’s sales will be of electric vehicles by the end of the decade.

Land Rover: Slower Pivot to Electric

Land Rover will march toward electrification as well, but at a slightly slower pace. The brand is expected to continue offering a range of powertrains to match its diverse lineup. That said, they are planning six pure electric variants in the next five years as part of the existing Range Rover, Discovery and Defender lineups.

Land Rover’s first EV is slated to arrive in 2024, but Bolloré did not offer up any details on it. Originally Land Rover was to get an EV based on the XJ replacement, but given it has been scrapped, that seems unlikely now.

All future Land Rover models will be built on two bespoke architectures. The Modular Longitudinal Architecture, which allows for combustion engine and EV models, and the “electric-biased” Electric Modular Architecture (EMA), which can also “support advanced electrified” combustion engines.

These two architectures, in tandem with the Jaguar architecture, will simplify JLR’s overall business. By reducing platforms and complexities, the company is also freeing up the ability to invest around $3.5 billion a year in electrification and other technologies. JLR says its investment will include fuel cell technology, which is intends to have test vehicles on the road later this year.

The entire Reimagine strategy is designed to drive double-digit EBIT margins for the company.