Jaguar Land Rover is in the midst of a major transformation. This transformation was originally expected to include JLR using external architectures to underpin its future EVs. However, the automaker has is now working on its own architecture so it can achieve its design objectives.

JLR CEO Thierry Bollore confirmed the company is working on a bespoke architecture during a recent call with investors. The architecture is being called the Panthera and is expected to start underpinning Jaguar models in 2025. News the company is working on its own architecture is interesting as Bollore recently stated JLR would look to procure an architecture to underpin its future.

According to the executive, JLR’s design team pushed back at the notion of using some other automaker’s architecture. The design team is adamant that future Jaguar models have a unique appearance; a requirement that’s challenging to meet if using a platform leveraged by other brands. JLR designers are wanting very unique proportions in their designs, something that requires a joint-development approach with the underlying architecture.

Uniqueness is an important attribute in the broader scheme of Jaguar’s Reimagine plan. Bollore plans to take Jaguar up-market even further, cresting into ultra-luxury territory. This segment is going to expect a design aesthetic that is more complex than something that looks like its from another brand.

It’s worth mentioning Jaguar’s first electric vehicle, the I-Pace, is manufactured by automotive supplier Magna.