Joining the Detroit Three, several other automakers have announced the closure of their assembly plants amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Nissan, Hyundai and Toyota are joining the list of factory closures, but all with slightly different plans.

Nissan has announced it will shut down its assembly plants effective tomorrow, with current plans calling for them to reopen on April 6th. This plan echos that of the Detroit Three automakers.

Hyundai, who has had a confirmed COVID-19 case at one of its plants, has already closed its Alabama assembly plant and has not disclosed when it will reopen. The company has simply stated it will reopen when it feels it is adequately cleaned. Despite closing the Alabama assembly plant, the rest of Hyundai’s facilities in North America remain open.

Toyota is deviating from the rest of the pack with its closures. The automaker says it will close all of its North American manufacturing facilities on March 23rd for a deep cleaning and plans to reopen them swiftly on March 25th.

Honda also announced yesterday it is idling all five of its North American assembly plants starting on March 23rd with plans to reopen them on March 31st.