Every major automaker is working on a long-range electric vehicle and Hyundai is no exception. While the company is launching an all-electric version of the Ioniq later this year, its range is 110-miles before it needs a charge. According to an AutoBlog report today, Hyundai plans to have a 250-mile range EV by year 2020.

Specifically, Byung Ki Ahn confirmed to the news outlet that the company is working on a 200-mile range EV for year 2018, followed by a 250-mile range product by 2020. Ahn serves as Hyundai’s eco-vehicle performance development director, so he likely knows a thing or two about Hyundai’s plans in the EV space. Those plans, of which, include the introduction of 26 eco-friendly products by 2020, which the company confirmed earlier this year at the New York International Auto Show. The list of 26 is pure speculation at this point, but EV’s, plug-ins, hydrogen fuel-cell and other alternative propulsion technologies are in the mix.

In the meantime, rivials are already getting a jump-start on the greater-than-200-mile EV club. General Motors will be launching the Chevrolet Bolt EV, while newbie Tesla will be launching the Model 3 later this year. Both products are expected to exceed the 200-mile mark, though many Model 3 buyers may end up waiting until 2018 for their car anyway.