There’s nothing more en vogue for auto brands these days than announcing electrification targets. Genesis is the latest brand to draw a proverbial line in the sand, saying its entire lineup will be electrified by 2025. Subsequently, the brand says it will be carbon neutral by 2035.

During a livestream the company announced its future plans on the subject. The company aims to have at least eight EV’s in its lineup with aspirations of selling 400,000 units annually. Genesis says it is working on improved lithium-ion batteries to power its future EV’s, while also working on new fuel cell options as well.

Genesis offered a teaser of its new EV range, confirming eight vehicles. Naturally, we can’t derive a ton of information from the teaser shot. Half of the vehicles appear to be more SUV-like, while the other half are more passenger car like. The vehicle in the center of the shot appears to be a production version of the Genesis X Concept, which is quite exciting.

It is also of note that the company is clearly going to double-down on its two-lines design theme. In fact, a couple of the teased models are showing some dramatic two-line headlight treatments, with the lamps wrapping well into the front quarter panels. Also on the design side, Genesis confirmed one of the models has suicide doors and lacks a traditional B-pillar.

Rounding out its announcement, Genesis says it will innovate its entire value chain to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2035. The process will commence with raw materials and cascade through Genesis’ value chain all the way to its own production facilities.

In an era where every auto brand is announcing these lofty goals, it’s worthy calling out Genesis’ is one of the more aggressive ones. Most of the brand’s peers are aiming to be all-electric in the 2030 timeline, but Genesis already has a smaller lineup which is giving them a little more flexibility than some.