Only two years after Hyundai announced it would break off the Genesis brand, the new luxury marque is already showing us its second concept and second shown in New York.

Dubbed the GV80, we are guessing “GV” will be for all their crossovers going forward, the concept is squared right at the BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, and Audi Q7. If the fuel cell powertrain holds into production, it very well might be going after Mercedes’ future “EQ” vehicles.

In terms of design, the vehicle is very streamlined with minimalist headlights and taillights. We are sure this will not make it into production due to regulations. After the front end giving off a Bentley vive, the rest of the vehicle seems rather unique.

The streamlined design carries into the interior with its lack of buttons and controls. This looks like it could carry its way into production more so than the exterior.

Though Genesis has not given us a definite timetable for production, they will likely want speed up production considering how hot the crossover market is now.

We will have live shots of the vehicle from Nw York shortly.