Hyundai is readying an all-new Tucson and if the teasers the brand released today are any indicator, it’s time to get excited. 

Despite announcing the all-new 2022 Tucson will be revealed on Sept. 14th, Hyundai has gone ahead and showed quick a bit of its latest SUV in three teaser shots depicting the front, rear and interior of the new Tucson. 

Unsurprisingly, the 2022 model is borrowing heavily from the Vision T Concept shown at last year’s Los Angeles auto show. This means the rather bold design found on the Vision T appears to be translating over to production, including the massive grille that hides some of the lighting elements on the front fascia. The overall grille and headlight shape almost looks like a much more modern rendition of the 2012 Ford Edge, but with the lighting masked by the grille. 

Around back is equally dramatic with vertical LED lighting elements that attach to a wrap-around horizontal light pipe. The horizontal lighting only draws more attention to the high and broad hips found over the rear wheels. 


The overall theme of dramatic design seems to spill over to the interior of the 2022 Tucson. Hyundai designers are falling ill with the big screen plague that is infecting most automakers at this point, only in the case of the Tucson is almost looks like it is floating in the center stack. An additional screen in the gauge cluster further adds to a rather minimalist design. 

Aside from the teaser shots, Hyundai has only confirmed that the new Tucson will be larger than today’s model. Powertrains and other details remain a mystery, but an inline-four and turbo-four are almost certainties. A plug-in hybrid option is also highly probable.