The Hyundai Kona hasn’t been on the market a terribly long time, but that isn’t stopping the Korean automaker for giving it a facelift already. 2022 Kona buyers will be greeted with a revised exterior design, which doesn’t necessarily delete the quirkiness the Kona is already known for. 

Hyundai’s design team has effectively cleaned up the Kona’s exterior appearance, starting with a new front fascia. Kona’s compartmentalized headlight arrangement remain, but running lamps and turning indicators have been slimmed down overall to reduce clutter in the graphic. Resting between the lamps is a grille design that has been shortened and widened, brining the Kona in line with other recent Hyundai designs. 

A similar trend can be found around back, where the Kona is fitted with revised lamps and a cleaned up bumper design. Collective with the facial changes, the Kona is basically growing up for 2022, but still keeping one tire in its youth by retaining most of its original theme. 

Another change in appearance results from the addition of a new N Line trim level. This trim deletes the grey body cladding that surrounds the perimeter of Kona’s body and swaps it with body-color cladding. This simple change greatly cleans up Kona’s appearance and, as intended, gives it a sportier look. 

Hyundai’s changes to the Kona go slightly beyond skin-deep. The current Kona’s touchscreen is being swapped by a larger eight-inch unit, while a new 10.2-inch version is optional with Hyundai’s latest infotainment software. The larger screen is complimented by other minor changes inside, like revised circular vents on the dash. 

Rounding out the changes are the addition of stop and go to the Kona’s adaptive cruise control and a speed limit warning system. 

So far Hyundai has only confirmed the 2022 Kona for the European market, slatted to launch in 2021. Expect to hear more details about the U.S. version in the coming months. 


Current Hyundai Kona