How We Review


By their very nature, product reviews are highly subjective.

We, of course, are no different here at AutoVerdict. That said, we do try to maintain a method behind the vehicle reviews madness so that our users have a good idea of what our judgment calls mean.

We narrow vehicle ratings down to six categories; Exterior Design, Interior Design, Powertrain, Handling, Features and Value. Each category carries a weight of 1-5.

Exterior Design

  1. The exterior design lacks any subjective appeal. It is likely going to be one of those automotive designs that everyone remembers for how terrible it is.
  2. The exterior design is generally unattractive, but may win the hearts of a select few.
  3. The exterior design is average for the vehicle’s segment. There is nothing that allows it to visually stand out from the rest of its competitive set, however it isn’t “unattractive” either.
  4. The exterior design is above average for its segment – meaning it has broad appeal, looks modern and sophisticated.
  5. The exterior design is among the best in the vehicle’s competitive set.

Interior Design

  1. The interior design lacks visual appeal and/or it has significant ergonomic issues.
  2. The interior design is generally unattractive and/or causes ergonomic issues that most buyers are going to be impacted by.
  3. Compared to the vehicle’s competitive set, the interior does not stand out nor have any fundamental flaws.
  4. Generally a good interior from both a visual and ergonomic perspective, however not class-leading.
  5. The interior is at the top of its segment because of design, ergonomics and quality.


  1. Propulsion system is entirely inadequate or substandard for the vehicle in comparison to competitors. Most consumers will notice the inadequacy of the propulsion system.
  2. Discerning customers may note weaknesses from the propulsion system, such as weak power, or poor fuel economy relative the car’s competitors.
  3. In general, the powertrain is mid-pack for the segment and not a selling feature for the vehicle in question.
  4. A propulsion system that most buyers are going to be pleased with, though there are some quirks, such as subpar transmission mapping.
  5. The best powertrain combination in the segment, or one of those vehicles that the engine or propulsion system alone is reasons enough to justify its purchase.

Features and Value

  1. The vehicle is fairly sparse on features and technology, with an unequally liberal price tag.
  2. By today’s standards the vehicle is lacking several features common in its segment, or the vehicle’s technology options are exceptionally buggy.
  3. A decent vehicle with an adequate feature list, however there are no options or technology features that make it stand out.
  4. Competitive on both feature content and value in comparison to the competitive set. Some of the technology gadgets may have issues or be antiquated.
  5. The vehicle has a long list of features with technology that works well. The price point is also in line with its competitors or justifiable by having additional content.