Rumors are beginning to flare yet again that Honda may relaunch the S2000 sports car. This time the rumors are coming off a little more legit in the sense that they’re claiming Honda wants to bring the car back as part of its 70th anniversary, which is in 2018. The initial rumors broke in Japan when automotive magazine Holiday Auto published a rendering of the alleged new S2000 on its cover.

Talk of the S2000 return is certainly not a new concept to Honda enthusiasts. It’s been rumored to return as everything from a version of the Civic platform to a trimmed down version of the new NSX. Regardless, this time the rumors are allegedly pointing to a rear-wheel drive version of the car. Where things begin to get blurry is rather or not this would be considered a sub-$100,000 NSX or something more in line with the original S2000.

We’ll all likely know soon enough. Honda’s 70th anniversary celebration is slated for September 24, 2018. The company’s new CEO seems to have a propensity to take bold moves, so perhaps this time the rumors are more than fan boy speculation.