Honda has further contributed to the ongoing skirmish between Chevrolet and Ford over the durability of their pickup truck beds.

Following a commercial campaign initiated by Chevrolet last week that pitted the Silverado against the F-150, Honda has posted a video on its YouTube channel in which over 800 pounds of landscaping rocks are dumped into the bed of a 2017 Ridgeline. The composite bed of the Honda pickup appears to sustain only minor surface scratches, faring better than both the Silverado and the F-150.

The Chevrolet campaign has garnered significant attention within both the industry and among enthusiasts, by claiming that the aluminum bed of the F-150 is susceptible to gashes and cracks when used in typical real-world scenarios.

The Ridgeline is being reintroduced to the market this month after a two year absence. Pricing for the Honda pickup starts at $30,375.