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Honda Clarity Will Fall Short On EV Range

Honda Clarity Will Fall Short On EV Range

Trade publication Automotive News has learned the upcoming electric version of the Honda Clarity will fall short of rivals when it comes to range. In fact, the report is alleging the car will only have 80 miles of EV range, falling behind rivals such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Honda currently produces a hydrogen-powered version of the Clarity, which is the car’s imperial mission. The automaker claims that there are two fundamental constraints that yield the lower-than-expected EV range. The first issue is the size of the car, which is larger than most existing EV’s on the market, and the price-point of $35,000.

Those two design constrained boxed Honda in from being able to utilize a larger battery pack, which would have enabled more range on the Clarity.

Like most automakers of the era, Honda is producing electric vehicles at least in part to earn fuel economy credits with certain states, such as California, where an EV counts toward multiple vehicles in fuel economy calculations.

Honda does claim that the size of the car will make up for the modest EV range, according to feedback it has received from consumers. The company does have previous experience in EV products with the Fit EV, which Honda says the primary complaint about that car was its small size.


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    On top of the underwhelming EV range it's also pretty rough looking. It's as if they wanted to see how many different designs cues they could incorporate in to a single car.
    This seems like a California regulated car...
    Where is there any market for this against the Bolt and pending Model3? Why is Honda even bothering?
    return of the rear skirt!
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