After promising a revived Type S badge, the Acura Type S Concept has officially debuted. The Type S is previewing the next-generation TLX Type S, which is shaping up to be a dramatic new iteration of Acura’s design language and possibly an exclusive powertrain.

Dubbed “Precision Crafted Performance,” the Type S Concept is showcasing a sleek new evolution of Acura design. It starts with an overall shape that puts a strong emphasis on a dramatic dash-to-axle ratio, along with a rakish greenhouse. Combined the two elements create an Acura sedan that is more visually appealing than just about any in modern history.

The face of the Type S is highlighted by a diamond shaped grille that defies trends with its small dimensions. Flanking either side of the grille is new jewel LED headlights that are a more radical interpretation of those found on recent Acura designs, such as the new RDX.

Acura is not detailing what exactly is powering the Type S Concept, other than a “high-performance engine.” Rumor has it the TLX Type S will debut an all-new turbocharged V-6 engine that will be an exclusive to the Acura brand, so it is perhaps a safe assumption that’s what is under the hood of the Type S Concept. This fancy new V-6 will likely be paired with Acura’s SH-AWD system.

The exactly launch timing of the next-generation TLX is not yet known, but Acura has confirmed the brand will launch two Type S cars over the next two years, so it is safe to assume we’ll see the new TLX within that timeline.