Honda has already disclosed their high-level electrification plans, which call for the company to be fully electric in North America by 2040. However, the Acura brand aims to be more aggressive than Honda when it comes to EV’s and says over half its sales will be from EV’s by 2030.

Acura’s assistant vice president of U.S. sales recently sit down with Automotive News to detail Acura’s EV shift. During this conversation Emile Korkor asserted Acura’s more aggressive EV posture. “We’re going much faster than the Honda brand in terms of our transition to electric vehicles as a percentage of sales.”

Korkor went on to confirm plans for 50 percent of the brand’s sales to be from EV models by 2030, which is more than forecasted from the Honda brand. Part of this acceleration calls for Acura to “bypass hybrids” in favor of EV models, though it is worth calling out Acura has hybrid models today.

It’s also worth a mention that Acura–like Honda–has lagged in EV’s. This “acceleration” is merely an acceleration against the lagging baseline that is Honda’s broader EV transition strategy. Acura’s first EV isn’t slated until the 2024 model year, which will be an SUV built by General Motors on its Ultium battery architecture. Korkor says Acura is targeting 30,000 units per year with the GM-built model, while a Honda-badged GM EV is targeting 70,000 annually.

Eventually Acura (and Honda) will have their e:Architecture, which will be the automaker’s in-house EV architecture. In the meantime, they will leverage GM to get to market quicker.

Korkor also mentioned that Acura is continuing to “focus on performance” and that the brand’s EV’s will enhance that focus.