Frequently Asked Questions

  • Finding your way around AutoVerdict

    • Is AutoVerdict a news site or a forum?

      AutoVerdict is both a news site and a forum. We offer an integrated community to serve the interests of enthusiasts who wish to keep up with current news and contribute to meaningful discussions with other members.

    • Is AutoVerdict mobile friendly?

      Yes. There are dedicated mobile versions of the main AutoVerdict site and the forums. Note that the mobile versions of these sites offer subsets of the features found in the desktop version.

  • Registering your account

    • Do I need to create an AutoVerdict account?

      No. Signing up for an AutoVerdict account is not mandatory for visiting the site or forum. However, if you wish to contribute comments to posts and threads an account is required.

    • Is any of my personal information made available to third parties?

      No. AutoVerdict only collects account data for internal use. For additional details, please consult our Privacy Policy.

    • How do I create an account?

      1. Click the “Login/Register” link that appears in the top right corner of any AutoVerdict page.
      2. Select “Create an Account.”
      3. Specify a username, e-mail address and password. You may also enter additional details which will appear in your user profile.
      4. Activate the checkbox to acknowledge our Terms of Service
      5. Click Register.
      6. An e-mail message will be sent to the specified address.
      7. Click on the link provided in the e-mail message to activate your account. 
  • Logging in to your account

    • How do I log in to my AutoVerdict account?

      1. Click on the “Login/Register” link that appears at the top right corner of any AutoVerdict page.
      2. Enter your username or e-mail address that you specified when you created your account.
      3. Click “Login.”
    • I lost my password. How do I access my account?

      1. Click on the “Login/Register” link that appears on any AutoVerdict page.
      2. Click on the “Lost your password?” link.
      3. Enter the username or e-mail address that was used to create your account.
      4. Click “Request Secret Key.”
      5. An e-mail message will be forwarded to your e-mail account.
      6. Enter your secret key.
      7. Specify a new password.
      8. Click “Change my Password.”
      9. Log in using your new password.
    • Do I have to log in separately to the AutoVerdict site and forums?

      No. When you log in to either the AutoVerdict site or the forums you are automatically logged in to the other service.

  • Editing your profile

    • How do I edit my profile?

      1. Log in to your AutoVerdict account.
      2. Click on your nickname. This appears at the top right of any AutoVerdict page.
      3. Click “Edit Profile.”
      4. Enter your profile changes.
      5. Click “Save Changes.”
  • Submitting comments

    • Why doesn't my comment appear in a post/thread?

      The initial comments that you submit on the AutoVerdict site and in our discussion forum are held for moderation in order to help eliminate spam. Once your comment is approved it will appear in the corresponding post or thread. From that point forward, your comments will be automatically approved.

  • Using the forums

  • Contributing to AutoVerdict

  • Contacting AutoVerdict support

    • How do I contact AutoVerdict technical support?

      If you would like to reach our support team at any time, simply click on the contact us link that appears at the bottom of any AutoVerdict page. For technical support-related issues, please provide us with as much detail as possible so that we can do our best to help resolve your problem.

  • Reporting issues with articles

    • How do I report a problem with an article?

      If you come across an article that is incorrectly formatted, has a broken link or the attributions are in error, you can bring the piece to our attention by clicking the icon that appears to the far right at the bottom of the article. Upon clicking the icon, the referenced link is automatically inserted into the body of the contact form. Please provide us with any details that may assist us in resolving the issue.

      Note that issues concerning the editorial content of a syndicated articles should be addressed directly to the source of the publication.