With Baojun becoming one of the best selling joint venture Chinese-only brands in the world’s largest market, SAIC-GM-Wuling is expanding the brand’s portfolio with its first subcompact offering.

Called the 310, “#10” noting it being a hatchback, the vehicle is based off the third-generation Sail and Lova RV platform (basically still the same platform from the early 1990’s Opel Corsa B!) from SAIC-GM, which is a different JV.

The 310’s design is probably the best yet from the brand. The brand’s premise is too take old GM platforms and reuse them for cheap vehicles. Expect a traditional sedan based on this vehicle with the name “330.”

Other Baojun vehicles include:

Lechi – a rebadge of the first generation Daewoo/Chevy Matiz
610/630 – a compact car based on the Suzuki Forenza/Buick Excelle platform
730 – subcompact MPV
560 – subcompact CUV

Do not expect the vehicle to ever get near North America or Europe, but it could be rebadged as a Chevy (as the 630 already is) in emerging markets.