Holden has confirmed the Commodore SS nameplate will not survive when the current car ceases production next year. The news comes as no surprise really, given the replacement Commodore is going to effectively be the new Opel Insignia and lack a V-8 engine option.

Holden is ending an era in 2017 when local production of the rear-wheel-drive Commodore sedan ends production in favor of the imported Opel. The 2018 Commodore will be front or all-wheel-drive with at least three confirmed engine options, dual 2.0-liter turbos (one diesel) and a range-topping V-6.

Since about 1982 the Commodore SS nameplate has been reserved for the V-8 trim level. But that legacy is ending along with much else next year according to MotorMag. There’s no word yet on what the V-6 trim will be called.