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GM's Maven Lets Owners Earn Money With Their Vehicles

GM's Maven Lets Owners Earn Money With Their Vehicles

General Motors’ mobility division Maven is adding an additional service to its lineup. Users in select U.S. cities will not be able to rent out their personal vehicle to others via the Maven app, allowing them to earn cash for their vehicle.

Referring to its new service as peer-to-peer sharing, it expands the Maven fleet with vehicles not owned by GM. Owners of 2015 or newer GM vehicles will be able to add their vehicle to the Maven app, enabling others to rent their vehicle and compensate them for it.

The service is similar to the service Turo, which allows vehicles owners to rent out their vehicle to others.

For now Maven says this service will only be offered to users in Detroit, Chicago and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company says it will use its learnings from these three cities to potentially roll out additional cities this fall.

This isn’t the first time Maven has launched services that allow users to generate money. Maven Gig is an offering that allows users to rent Maven vehicles for side gigs, such as ride sharing and package delivery.


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  1. CobaltSSKing
    I’ve come close to using Turo a couple of times but I just can’t do it. I can’t get pass the fact that I’m driving someone’s personal car just like I can’t use a Airbnb either.
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