One of the first things people should note about the new Hummer EVs is that they are now GMC models, and not part of its own franchise, as it was 20 years ago.

GM has said GMC dealers have to meet a certain standard to sell the Hummers, but GM has not specified how the experience will differ from GMC. According to the Detroit Free Press (the Freep), about half of GMC’s 1,900 U.S. dealers have ponied up as much as $140,000 to sell the Hummer EV.

These dealers likely joined due to the fact that the Hummer Edition 1 racked up 10,000 pre-orders. The Edition 1 has a starting price of $112,595. Following the Edition 1, a 3X model will come this fall, priced at $99,995, followed by a 2X at $89,995 in spring 2023 and an EV2 at $79,995 in spring of 2024.

Another reason is that there will probably be a Sierra EV pickup to complement the Silverado EV one announced April 6.

According to Tara Stewart Kuhnen, product and brand communications contact for GMC, there will not be a separate “Hummer section” within a GMC dealership.

“In regard to the customer experience, we have incorporated a first ever customer-centric reservation process through the dealership,” she said. “When a reservation is placed, the customer can choose the dealer where they want the vehicle delivered, etc. This ensures that each customer gets a uniform and premium experience via and is able to enter a reservation agreement with the participating dealer of their choice.”

Kuhnen said GMC will be able to share more details as they get closer to production.

The Freep said GMC requires a dealer to have two 240-volt Level 2 charging stations and at least one 480-volt fast-charging station. The Level 2 charging station runs $500 to $1,000 but one fast-charging station can cost $25,000 to $30,000.

GMC also requires dealers who want to sell the Hummer to have two 12,000-pound lifts in the service bays, a 14-by-24-foot stall to store and an 8,000-pound-capacity forklift, a GMC spokesperson confirmed. Also, dealers must pay for the training to sell and service the vehicles.

Finally, unlike Cadillac, GMC will not offer buyouts to its dealers that decline to sell the Hummer EV, the way Cadillac is offering buyouts to dealers who do not want to invest about $200,000 to transition their operations to sell electric vehicles.