General Motors is planning to dust off a nameplate from the past as it pivots to electric trucks and SUVs. According to a new report, the automaker will leverage the Hummer name on an upcoming battery-electric truck, but Hummer won’t be a new GM brand. 

The Wall Street Journal reports GM is planning to use the Hummer name on an upcoming GMC pickup truck. This move would mean GM isn’t planning to revive the Hummer brand entirely, but just leverage the name on a product that is said to be off-road focused. The move is also significantly cheaper for GM than having to spin up all of the elements of launching another brand, including establishing a dealership base. 

The Hummer badged model isn’t expected to arrive to market until 2022, but GM is apparently wasting no time in getting the word out. The automaker has reportedly enlisted NBA superstar LeBron James to help spread the word of Hummer’s return in a new Super Bowl commercial that will announce the new pickup. 

This model will be joined by an entire line of battery-electric trucks and SUVs GM is currently developing. These models will all be produced at the company’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, which is undergoing a massive overhaul for electric vehicle production.

Reviving the Hummer badge comes as no surprise as rumors of its return have surfaced in recent months. GM axed the Hummer brand back in 2010 as the brand became the poster child of global warming, pressuring GM into getting rid of it.

Like Hummers of the past, expect this new one to command a hefty price tag at GMC dealerships once it arrives.