Earlier this week reports began to surface that General Motors plans to revive the Hummer name on a new battery-electric pickup bound for GMC showrooms. Naturally, additional details are beginning to surface, including news that the Hummer name will not just be found on one model.

Bloomberg reports GM already has a new Hummer SUV in the works, but the brand is holding off to see how successful the launch of the pickup truck is prior to rolling out the SUV. That said, sources familiar with the development of both vehicles say the SUV will launch soon after the truck if GM decides to green light it.

Despite having two models with the Hummer name, GM appears firm on selling them through GMC dealerships versus establishing a unique Hummer distribution channel. People familiar with the plan say GM will use the phrase “Hummer by GMC” to market the Hummer models under the GMC tent.

The first Hummer model, a pickup truck, is slated to launch in 2022. It is unclear what the exact launch schedule will be for the SUV model. Like the pickup, the SUV will also be a battery-electric vehicle.

Both models will be produced at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, which is currently undergoing a $3 billion overhaul to produce most of GM’s battery-electric truck and SUV models.