As an automotive writer, crabs is not something that you ever intend to write about, but here we are. Today GMC tweeted the above image to tease its upcoming Hummer EV’s ‘Crab Mode.’ While this isn’t the first mention of the mysterious crustacean-inspired feature, GMC is still mum on what exactly it is.

The tweet is accompanied with the phrase, “Real revolutionaries forge their own direction.” This and the known fact that crabs have the ability to move sideways certainly gives off a strong hint that the Hummer EV is going to have the ability to either move sideways or pivot on its own axis in some capacity.

If that is indeed the feature set Crab Mode is bringing, that isn’t entirely shocking. The Rivian R1T and R1S models have a similar capability dubbed “Tank Turn.” With an electric motor at each of the four wheels, clever programming can turn each wheel in a different direction, giving the vehicle the ability to basically pivot on its own access.

Given the Hummer EV is also likely to have four electric motors, something similar to Rivian seems highly plausible. Where GMC could take this a step further is combining the benefit of independent power at each wheel with four-wheel turning, something the brand pioneered in the truck segment nearly 20 years ago only to abandon and forget it.

Until GMC offers up more information, we’re left only to speculate. While the Hummer EV’s reveal is slated for sometime this fall, it’s also likely this won’t be the last ambiguous tweet from them about it.