After snagging some online airtime with its teaser last week, GMC is confirming exactly what ‘Crab Mode’ is for its upcoming Hummer EV pickup truck. As speculated, Crab Mode will allow the reincarnated Hummer to move sideways, similar to, well, a crab.

The confirmation of Crab Mode came via a YouTube post from GMC, which shows an aerial shot of the Hummer driving over sand before transitioning to what appears to be the Hummer’s infotainment display. After selecting Crab Mode, the camera shows a crab crawling on the sand by the Hummer EV while the Hummer’s rear wheels are turned along with the fronts.

With nothing more than the video, GMC has confirmed Crab Mode is similar to Rivian’s Tank Turn functionality, only with rear-steering added in for even more flexibility.

Along with the video, GMC also confirmed the Hummer EV’s reveal has been set for Oct. 20th. As seems to be the new trend these days, GMC will start accepting pre-orders for the Hummer EV right after the reveal. It is worth mentioning that production of the revived Hummer is not slated to commence until fall 2021.