General Motors has confirmed plans for an additional electric GMC product. The focus has been on GMC’s upcoming Hummer EV models, but that isn’t taking away from the fact GMC wants an EV pickup truck with its own badge.

This week GMC hosted media in Detroit to discuss its future. At the event GMC chief Duncan Aldred confirmed the brand will have a third electric vehicle in short order. This third vehicle will be a GMC pickup truck, following the Hummer EV SUV and SUT models. The news comes as little surprise given a Chevrolet Silverado EV has already been confirmed. The notion of Chevy getting an EV pickup but not GMC seems silly.

Back in April GM confirmed plans for the Silverado EV. At the time the company stated it will have around 400 miles of range thanks to GM’s Ultium battery pack. The Silverado EV will be produced alongside the Hummer EV models as GM’s Factory Zero in Detroit-Hamtramck outside of Detroit.

A key difference between GM’s approach with the Silverado and GMC EV pickups versus the Ford F-150 Lightning is the fact they will be built on a dedicated BEV architecture. While the F-150 Lightning has its battery packs crammed between the frame rails of the existing gas-powered model, the GM trucks will have them integrated into the architecture. This is the same approach the company has taken with the Hummer EV models.

GMC isn’t offering any further details on its upcoming EV pickup. Logic would strongly suggest this new model will wear the coveted Sierra badge, but time will tell. GMC has also been mum on a timeframe for the new EV, but GM says its EV development timeframe is down to less than three years.