GMC has some big plans for the Sierra half-ton pickup. The 2022 GMC Sierra is expected to receive an updated version of GM’s semi-autonomous Super Cruise. This new version of Super Cruise will coincide with a broader refresh of the Sierra.

It’s been known for some time that a revamped Sierra is in the works. In fact, GMC even confirmed it back in December by announcing the Sierra would get Super Cruise. However, the company has been vague with details beyond that singular announcement. Fortunately has gotten their hands on a few more details.

First, the 2022 Sierra will have a “short” model year. The current truck is essentially going to live on into 2022 unchanged, but it will carry the name “2022 Sierra Limited.” This will allow GMC to bifurcate between the old and new model, which is launching in “mid-model year 2022.”

The website is also reporting, based on a dealer memo, that the new Sierra’s Super Cruise technology will accommodate trailers. Details are still unknown, but essentially Sierra owners will be able to leverage Super Cruise while towing on applicable roads. This would mark the first time the semi-autonomous technology has been enabled for towing.

“Later in the 2022 model year, there will be a new refreshed Sierra that will have significant updates in terms of design, capability and technology – including the introduction of the next generation of the Super Cruise driver assistance feature with the ability to trailer while driving hands-free on compatible roads,” noted in the dealership memo.

Unfortunately the memo did not specify when the refreshed Sierra will launch. Given they are calling it a late model-year 2022 vehicle as opposed to a 2023 model, it sounds like production will start by the end of 2021.