General Motors and the United Auto Workers may be nearing a tentative deal regarding their collective bargaining agreement. Recent reports have suggested the talks have advanced out of sub-committee, which is often a sign a deal is near.

As part of the negotiation process, both sides break out into various sub-committees to hammer out details surrounding specific portions of the contract. People close to the negotiations say the sub-committees have dissolved and negotiations have moved to the ‘main table’ in the last 1-2 days.

Assuming there are no main hiccups at the ‘main table’ this should be a bellwether that an agreement is near. If an agreement is reached, it will end the UAW’s current national strike against GM. The strike is about to hit the two-week mark this coming Sunday and involves nearly 49,000 GM workers.

News that talks have advanced to the ‘main table’ comes as a bit of a surprise. Recent reports have indicated this strike could last several weeks as GM has little motivation to end it. The company has a robust vehicle inventory and U.S. production capacity is a small portion of the company’s overall global operation.