General Motors says it is accelerating its timeline for offering electric heavy duty pickups. The company had previously asserted a goal of having their heavy duty pickup range go electric by 2040. Now GM says they will have heavy duty EV’s by 2035.

News of the accelerated timeline came directly from GM CEO Mary Barra. Barra disclosed the new target during her keynote address at last week’s CES Show.

“As previously announced, our plan is to have all new light-duty vehicles be electric by 2035. Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’ll introduce all-electric heavy duty vehicles on that same timetable. These all-electric heavy duty trucks will be engineered to deliver effortless heavy duty hauling and towing,” Barra said.

GM says it is able to pull ahead the heavy duty EV trucks because of growing confidence in its Ultium battery architecture. The original timeline assumed all light duty vehicles would be EV’s by 2035 and heavy duty vehicles would go electric by 2040, the date GM says it will be a carbon neutral organization.

So far GM is not offering any details on its future heavy duty EV pickups. It is expected that their gas and diesel powered heavy duty pickups will still be sold alongside their EV counterparts for a period of time.